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When to Hire a Professional Painter

As a homeowner, it is important to make updates and learn how to keep your home in great condition. An essential part of caring for your home is also refreshing the paint of your home’s interior and exterior. Paint not only has an aesthetic purpose to enhance your home’s beauty, but it also protects your walls, trim, and doors from the elements. Here at Olympic Painting, we recommend that homeowners regularly touch up paint and apply new colors for style updates within the home. But before you decide to tackle this type of home improvement project, we suggest that you consider whether a professional painting company is better suited for this job.

Painting your home may seem like an easy task, but you may want to take a moment to think. Each home painting project is different and not every homeowner is prepared for the amount of work involved, nor do they have the right equipment or knowledge to execute the project flawlessly. Here are some scenarios when it might be time to hire a professional painter.

Big or Exterior Paint Projects

Time consuming projects like painting multiple rooms, trim and doors, and your home’s exterior can take much longer than expected when you do them yourself. If you have a family to take care of or a full-time job, it may not be convenient to spend all that time on a big home painting project. Plus, you may not have the energy after a hard week of work.

Jobs with A Lot of Prep Work

For a high quality finish, surfaces need to prepared properly before applying paint. Damaged surfaces with major dents, holes, crumbling drywall, or sections that need replacing, require a significant amount of work before they are ready for paint. Preparing these types of surfaces can be messy and cause unnecessary headaches for many homeowners. Hiring the experts at Olympic Painting is the best solution for successfully completing this stage of the painting project.

Jobs that Require Scaffolding or Ladders

Homeowners should avoid taking on any painting job that requires operating special equipment or climbing high ladders. This is best left to our professionals! Olympic stresses the importance of homeowners practicing ladder safety while attempting any home improvement project. As trained experts, we follow the best safety practices on our clients’ projects.

If you are considering having your home painted, contact us today! We also specialize in wallpaper removal and wood staining for homes in the central New Jersey, and the Yardley, New Hope, and Newtown PA areas.



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