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Interior Decorative Paint Ideas for the Home

Sometimes, it can be easy to get bored of the color or painting style of your rooms. Freshen up your home with these decorative paint ideas that you will love.


This method of painting, also known as dragging, provides a sophisticated feel to any room. Strié recreates the look of fine fabric hanging on your walls. This painting technique can also be used for an accent wall or along the backs of bookcases.

Repeated Pattern

Maybe you just want a small touch up for a formal dining room or front entryway. Painting a repeated pattern on a wall can provide a focal point to the room. It’s also a great way to recreate the aesthetics of wallpaper, without the hassle of glue and messy remnants on walls.

Wall Graphic

For an artistic element that will not overpower your room, choose an object or image to be painted onto your wall.  A wall graphic can help to define an unused space and add beauty and fun to the room.


Metallic Paint

Metallic paint in gold, silver and bronze colors can add elegance to your favorite room. This shiny and timeless paint looks great on walls, crown molding and even ceilings. You can choose to have an accent wall or the whole room painted. Metallic paint brightens up the home and helps reflect light throughout the room.



Incorporate sophisticated fun to any room by painting stripes. Consider having stripes along all four walls of the room for a dramatic effect. Or simply choose one wall to be painted to create an accent wall that will enhance the room. This is a perfect touch for a nursery, child’s bedroom or even a hobby room.


Polka Dots

This is a fun painting project for a child’s bedroom. You can consider having multi-colored polka dots or just one color. Have them painted all along the walls of the room, on just one wall, or on just one portion of a wall to highlight one area of a room.


Chalkboard Paint

Revamp the home office, a child’s bedroom or playroom with chalkboard paint. You can choose to have the entire room painted, or just a section of a wall. It’s easy to use chalk to write inspirational quotes, daily reminders or even child drawings onto the walls.


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